Roman Heritage in Dalmatia

From the cities built on the Roman foundation to the development of the viticulture. We would like to come closer to this culture with accessible and innovative way.

You will see not only well-known places like Emperor Diocletian’s palace in Split (UNESCO), but also little-known location where you will see the power of Ancient Rome – like city of Salona or Narona temple. We would like to show you places which normally are available only for specialists – interior of Roman aqueduct. We also prepare for you a few things which have been rescued for oblivion like traditional glass blowing workshops or ancient food. What the Roman ate is still fascinating… Did they like the same dishes like we do? Did they use a lot of olive oil? What does the flower of salt mean? And in the end how their drinking wine’s habits and caring of grapevine seedlings have influenced the Dalmatia up to now.

Croatia thematic tours - Roman Heritage in Dalmatia

Explore! Roman Heritage in Dalmatia – incredible story about Ancient culinary and cultural skills.

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Croatia thematic tours - Roman Heritage in Dalmatia

Day 1: Welcome to Croatia!

Your ancient tour starts with a warm welcome at the Split airport, from where you will be transferred to one of the most beautiful Split’s hotels in the very center of the city. Upon arrival, after a short break to refresh yourself, your tour leader will show you around the city of Split with Diocletian’s Palace as the highlight of this day. It is the only monument in the world where people still live in! Can you imagine an apartment 1700 years old? Also, you will get to see an underground Roman aqueduct, accompanied by professional speleologist. Afterward, you’ll be taken back to the hotel for dinner and in the evening, you can rest and dream about your upcoming ancient times.

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